The CCA program is successfully completed, and the CCA® designation awarded, when the candidate has met rigorous and demanding eligibility requirements, including formal education, subsequent supervised practice in professional clinical anaplastology, passing of the examination, and demonstration of a depth and breadth of knowledge appropriate for effective practice in the profession of anaplastology.

In order to maintain certification through BCCA, credentialed individuals are required to comply with the BCCA Code of Conduct and Administrative Procedures and the continuing education standards as set forth by the Board of Directors.


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 Los Angeles 







 Telangana, India









   Jackson  Maine


   Durham  North Carolina

















 New York

 New York






 South Carolina





 Santa Fe

 New Mexico























 San Francisco




 Jordan Brown  



























 North Carolina















   Durham  North Carolina























 San Antonio






 Boca Raton






 West St. Paul












 Salt Lake City






















 Van Auker